Our Passion Is To Elevate the Esthetics Industry and Its Future Leaders.

We achieve this through preparing unlicensed students for the state exam – utilizing the real world experience of our educators, state-of-the-art equipment and in-depth skincare product knowledge. We continue our support well into graduates’ careers with access to advanced study courses, resources and mentorship.

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Why Choose Spectrum Aesthetics School?

Our Values: We practice integrity, doing the right thing for our clients, students and staff. We believe in social responsibility, contributing more. We believe in equality and inclusivity for all races, religions, ethnicities and genders. We create community.

Our Mission: Spectrum Advanced Aesthetics’ mission is to elevate the esthetics industry and its future leaders through a comprehensive, inclusive, industry acclaimed education and hands-on training experience.

Our Vision: To exceed the criteria for Oregon’s esthetic licensure offering the hours of theory and practical fundamental skills, in a competency based standard esthetics program and a 500 hour advanced esthetics program. We offer training on additional career skills that will be of value to the graduate on completion of the program while also preparing the professional for advanced education, job placement and industry leadership.

Our Culture: We have developed a team of instructors, administration and support staff that embrace people and technology, are flexible with change, have high standards for quality and like to find the positive side to life.

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