Phlebotomy Program

Interested in advancing your skills in aesthetics to perform phlebotomy or perform PRP microneedling? Our Phlebotomy for PRP program may just be the answer.

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During this short 40 hour program, students get an in-depth focus on the circulatory system, hemostasis and infection control. They learn the skill of venipuncture and drawing blood. They bring that venipuncture skill to microneedling with PRP as they learn to centrifuge the blood and extract the plasma.

The program is taught by our nationally certified phlebotomist.

FAQs about our Phlebotomy Program

What will I learn?

You will learn…

  • VenipunctureBlood centrifuge
  • Microneedling with PRP
Who teaches this program?

The program is taught by our nationally certified phlebotomist.

Is financing available?

Ascent Funding is a private longer term financial aid option that is available.

What is tuition?

Phlebotomy: $1195

PRP: $695

Do I receive a certification?

This course may be taken to learn the skill of phlebotomy. National certification is possible upon completion and passing the National Phlebotomy Certification exam.

Work in a lab or clinic setting drawing blood. If your desire is to continue beyond venipunctures and learn the skill of creating PRP with a centrifuge, then this program will expand your skillset to the use of PRP for skin and hair restoration.

You will receive a Phlebotomy Certification upon successful completion of the program.

What are the upcoming dates?

For upcoming dates for Phlebotomy and PRP courses, see our onsite workshops page.

Is lodging available?

We have negotiated a student discount at nearby Marriotts.

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