Minimize the Risks of Brow Lamination With the Best Brow Lamination Training

best brow lamination training

If you’re keeping up with the beauty trends that grace the faces of everyone from top fashion models on the runway to influencers on TikTok, you can’t miss the thick, feathery eyebrows. 

Despite the other trends of the 90s and early 2000s making a big comeback, the full, fluffy eyebrows of the 80s are here to stay. 

Many are achieving the look through a process called brow lamination. 

Even those who have naturally sparse eyebrows or who overplucked during the reign of the thin-eyebrow era can have lush, lifted brows with this treatment.

In this guide, you will learn all about the brow lamination process, the risks associated with brow lamination, and how to avoid them through proper training and certification.

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What Is the Brow Lamination Process?

If you’re familiar with the lash lift treatment or a relaxer for your hair, you may understand the brow lamination process more clearly.

A chemical solution is applied to the eyebrows to break down the hair shaft so it’s straight and flexible enough to be reshaped.

After the set time has expired, the solution is wiped away and the eyebrows are brushed upwards, shaped, and set with a neutralizer that stops the chemical process.

This semi-permanent treatment results in a thicker, lifted eyebrow with a natural-looking definition and shape that can last up to six weeks.

The aftercare is minimal. Keep the area dry for 24 hours, then apply a hydrating oil nightly to keep the skin moisturized.

This quick, painless, low-maintenance process is suitable for most eyebrow types, except for those with barely-there brows.

What Qualifications Are Needed To Do Brow Lamination?

Do-it-yourself brow lamination kits are available online and many have faced the risks of performing the treatment on themselves with little to no understanding of the process. 

Since the process involves the use of chemicals on your face, the treatment should be performed by a trained, qualified professional.

The qualifications to perform brow lamination are determined by the state. 

In Oregon, brow lamination must be performed by a licensed cosmetologist though it requires additional training and is not covered in the curriculum and minimum qualifications of an esthetician certification.

Learning the art of brow lamination through proper training is important not just to avoid serious injury, but to ensure you are using the technique that can produce the most desirable results.

At Spectrum Advanced Aesthetics in Portland, we offer personalized, hands-on brow lamination training in person from a licensed educator and brow lamination expert.

Learn one of the most requested beauty treatments just in time to add brow lamination to your menu and feel confident in offering this service. 

brow lamination training

What Is Covered During Brow Lamination Training?

Not all brow lamination training is created equal.

Most brow lamination workshops will include education on the chemical composition of the solution along with application techniques, brow shaping, and design.

Additionally, the timing of the solution application process is important. Brow lamination training will teach the necessary timing to achieve the look and avoid burning the eyebrow hairs off. 

How to prepare your clients for the service, what to cover during client consultations, and aftercare is the key to keeping clients returning and should be included.

Training in troubleshooting, correction, and health and safety guidelines should also be addressed.

If you’re attending one of our leading brow lamination training workshops at Spectrum Advanced Aesthetics you will also receive certification and a brow lamination kit with enough supplies to perform over 20 treatments so you can begin seeing clients immediately. 

brow lamination training and certification

Avoid These 6 Risks With Brow Lamination Training and Certification

As with any treatment, there are risks associated with brow lamination, so using a certified and advanced esthetician is your best bet for a great experience. 

If you want to offer brow lamination services to your clients, brow lamination training and certification in addition to advanced esthetics education can help you avoid these mistakes in brow lamination.

#1: Performing Brow Lamination Too Often

A routine brow lamination schedule can do more harm than good. 

While the results of brow lamination can last four to six weeks, it’s not advised to routinely have your brows laminated every six weeks. 

Experts recommend repeating brow lamination only every once in a while instead of regularly. 

This can help protect the overall condition of the eyebrow hairs over time. 

#2: Damage From Over-Processing

Just like chemically treating your hair too often can cause damage to your tresses, you also want to protect your eyebrows from overprocessing.

The chemicals used in laminating eyebrows are meant to break down the protein bonds in the hairs to essentially make the hair weak enough to be reshaped.

Regularly laminated brows can result in overprocessed hairs leaving your brows looking dry, unruly, and frazzled. 

 #3: Eyelid Skin Health

The skin on our eyelids is the thinnest, most delicate skin on the body. 

The chemicals used in brow lamination can irritate the eyelid skin or cause it to become red, dry, itchy, and inflamed, potentially leading to more serious skin problems. 

With all the special moisturizers and creams made specifically for this sensitive area, it’s no wonder experts advise we pay careful attention to the health of the eyelid skin during brow lamination.

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#4: Damage Caused By Chemicals

Damage caused by the chemicals used in brow lamination isn’t just limited to the eyebrow hairs. 

If the solution comes into contact with the eye itself, it can cause irreversible damage.

Proper training will teach you the best method for applying the solution and keeping it in the desired area. 

#5: Skipping Proper Aftercare

Aftercare is just as important as preparing for the treatment, so be sure to communicate the proper aftercare to your clients to help them keep their brows looking perfect.

It’s recommended to keep the eyebrow area dry for at least 24 hours, which includes washing around the area and avoiding any steam or sweat.

After 24 hours, moisturize with oil to prevent the skin and brows from drying out. Coating the eyebrow area with a favorite face oil every night before bed to keep them looking fresh for as long as possible.  

#6: Receiving Treatment is Not Recommended

Although brow lamination is non-invasive, the solution can cause skin irritation. For those who have allergies to chemicals, it may cause an adverse reaction along with:

  • Swelling
  • Redness
  • Bumps
  • Itching; and
  • Peeling

Due to the risk of skin irritation from the chemicals used in the solution, brow lamination is not recommended for people who have skin conditions like eczema, rosacea, or contact dermatitis.

Even those with sensitive skin are advised against the brow lamination treatment, as it could lead to excessive dryness and skin damage. 

brow lamination training

Spectrum Advanced Aesthetics: Offering the Best Brow Lamination Training and Certification For Aspiring Estheticians

Beauties looking to stay on trend or those who just want fuller, defined, natural-looking brows are opting for this low-maintenance, non-invasive alternative to microblading.

Still, the risks of using DIY kits or inexperienced estheticians can, at best, leave clients looking electrocuted instead of elegant.

Provide your clients with the best brow experience by becoming a trained and certified brow technician at Spectrum Advanced Aesthetics.

Whether you’re an advanced or aspiring esthetician, our brow lamination training is designed to guide you through the brow lamination process step-by-step with: 

  • Personal instruction from a licensed educator and brow lamination expert
  • Health, safety, and correction protocol
  • A live demo
  • A brow lamination kit with supplies for over 20 treatments; and
  • Certification upon completion

With the highest pass rates in Oregon, Spectrum Advanced Aesthetics offers esthetician certification training programs that exceed the state licensing requirements and a Fearless Beauties program that focuses on inclusively treating clients of all skin colors, types, and abilities. 

Get the training you need to feel confident in offering your clients the popular brow lamination treatment and more. 

Contact Spectrum Advanced Aesthetics today.

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